Ahmaya Knoelle: Soul of a Singer

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In 2010 Ahmaya Knoelle performed in a tribute to legendary singer Lena Horne at the Schomburg Center in New York City.

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Portrait of Ahmaya Knoelle

"Loving You" sung by Ahmaya Knoelle

Closeup portrait of Ahmaya Knoelle

About Ahmaya Knoelle

This is the website of singer and actor Ahmaya Knoelle.

Take the gifts of natural talent and a determination to succeed and add the unending support of a family blessed with its own share of talent. You now have the ingredients for a bright and fulfilling career in the world of entertainment. New York-born Ahmaya (formerly known as Knoelle) has been blessed with those ingredients and more. At twenty-one, she has already graced the stage at theaters in the United States, Japan, and Europe, thrilling audiences worldwide with a powerhouse voice that belies her age.

Ahmaya’s early exposure to music was listening to the work of her aunt Doris Troy whose recordings for Atlantic Records and the Beatles Apple label catapulted her to international recognition. As Ahmaya’s mother and father began developing Mama, I Want to Sing and subsequent musicals, Ahmaya’s desire to express her own innate talent grew From an early age,

Ahmaya began traveling with Mama, I Want To Sing but her first chance to sing on stage came during Sing! Mama 2. “The little girl who was supposed to play little Doris was late and my mom and dad were trying to figure out what to do.” recalls Ahmaya. “I was standing there and said, I can sing it! That night was my initiation as a performer. I had memorized all the songs from watching the show and I played the role for several months in 1991.” Ahmaya has segued into the world of contemporary music and entertainment sharing her God-given gifts as a recording artist, actress and performer of the first order.